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Bathing beaches

In recent years the waters of Angera have always received the bandiera blue (blue flag), which is the official confirmation of clean swimming waters in Italy. There are two beaches that are designated swimming areas in Angera.


La Noce 

The beach of La Noce characterized by sand and gravel, takes its name from the large walnut tree that is located in the centre of the beach and offers shade and coolness until well past midday. The beach is accessible via an asphalt path that leads to the sandy area which has a ramp for wheelchairs and disabled people at the beginning.  The play area with equipment such as slide makes the northern part of the beach suitable for families with children.

La Nocciola

The beach of La Nocciola (the hazelnut) is a large area with a partly shaded lawn, and is located a little further north. It is a ‘wilder’ environment and dogs are permitted. Access is via a rather steep path and the beach is not equipped with any services.

Non-bathing areas

The presence of the port and docks and the consequent movement of ferries and private boats means there is no access to the water for swimmers from the shores facing the tree-lined avenues.

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